The Legend of Bishop's Landing

As told by Father Lallas, priest of Pelor:

Do you know why Bishop’s Landing is called Bishop’s Landing? I do, and I think you ought to know. Bishop’s Landing was called that because of Archbishop Kerricrum. He “arrived” by the river and landed in a small village, Midriver. And the Archbishop transformed the landscape by ridding the village of a terrible plague that was threatening to engulf all the world. It was then that the people began to succumb to the Archbishop’s guile and intellect. Soon, his cult was in control of the town, protecting it, helping it flourish and grow. And grow it did; fat purses and fat wastes, people who had forgotten the old ways of being poor, with long, cold winters. The people had become fat off of the Archbishop’s amazing acquisition of wealth. But the real kicker in the story is this:

The Archbishop was behind it all. He had started the plague, controlled it. He systematically waited until the people had suffered enough, that they would accept anything to not have the plague anymore. And then, poof, the Archbishop has the solution. The plague is gone and look who’s the hero.

The Archbishop had total control by the end of it all, and the power was corrupted from the top down. Abusive guards, rape and murder occurred in the streets at the guards’ hands. And nobody had the courage to speak up…to fight for freedom…to regain what was once theirs. Someone finally did, though, a group of four adventurers, Dantrek Riverwild, Seamus, the Exorcist, and the Knight.

This is their story and why after the events we kept the name Bishop’s Landing to remind us of what true heroes are and the evil they battled.

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The Legend of Bishop's Landing

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